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Sarah Palin Joins This Famous Rocker in Comparing a President to an Abusive Husband

As you’re likely aware, Sarah Palin roared her way back into national headlines on Tuesday morning when she called for President Barack Obama‘s impeachment and declared him the abusive husband to America’s “battered wife.”

While it may feel like that hyperbolic rhetoric is exclusive to right-wing commentators like Palin at the moment, it turns out the former-governor-turned-reality-star is in some famous non-conservative company in the “comparing presidents to abusive husbands” department.

Florida Times-Union staff writer Drew Dixon pointed out today that back in 2006, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder made similar remarks about then-President George W. Bush.

While introducing the band’s hit “Better Man,” Vedder told the crowd that the song — originally about an abusive relationship and the difficulty in ending it — took on a new political meaning during the 2014 Vote for Change U.S. tour dedicated to raising money to help defeat Bush in key swing states.

“It seemed as if the citizens’ relationship with their own government was evolving into what can be seen as an abusive relationship,” he said, “one that was difficult to get out of.” Vedder said that while traveling the country he discovered that most of Bush’s supporters were people who’d be “most adversely affected” by a conservative agenda; and hence the ugly cycle of an abusive relationship.

Watch that moment below, via VH1:

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