Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney’s Negative Advertising ‘Hurts The Electorate’

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin responded to Mitt Romney‘s win in Florida on Fox News by criticizing his extensive spending on negative advertising in the state. “$17 million spent in one state, that purchased a lot of darts and arrows that were flown in one direction and lots of darts and arrows was thrown back. A lot of that negativity didn’t paint the party and cause in very attractive colors. I think that hurts the electorate, diminishes the energy to head into a general. Hopefully everybody will start to focus on what is important as we go forward.”

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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked Palin about whether Romney’s ads led to Gingrich’s downfall in the state.

“I think again with $17 million purchasing ads in some respects in false narratives, it was very difficult for the other candidates to counter that bombardment of advertisements and the typical campaigning that seems to be going on in this primary,” Palin replied. “When a bell is running it’s tough to unring the bell. So, yeah I think that added to a process that thus far it hasn’t been very attractive to the electorate. It’s unfortunately what keeps good people from running from office and being engaged in the government process of electing our leaders.”

Watch Palin lament Romney’s negative advertising below via Fox News:

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