Sarah Palin On Geraldine Ferraro: Inspired By Her Courage To Call Out Reporters

Sarah Palin appeared on a Fox News special honoring the life of the first female candidate for Vice President Geraldine Ferraro. Palin is the only other woman in history to also be on the presidential ticket. Therefore, not only did Palin share a special bond with Ferraro, but as we learn from this interview, she also found a lot of inspiration from Ferraro’s life.

Palin described Ferraro as “such a classy, classy person.” One characteristic of Ferraro’s personality that Palin particularly cherished, was Ferraro’s fearlessness in responding to her critics. Palin said:

“Another thing I really appreciate about her though – she’d call people out on what she would perceive as sexism or prejudicial attitudes towards anything. And if you look back at her tapes of interviews back in ’84, she was very clear and very blunt in calling hosts and reporters out when they asked her questions that perhaps she would perceive as sexist because they wouldn’t ask that of a guy.”

Greta Van Susteren, host of the special, agreed and brought up an incident regarding Ferraro being displeased with commentary from George Will and demanding an apology. An event which may shed some light on Will’s awkward remarks yesterday when asked about her legacy. Palin concluded that Ferraro truly was a pioneer and admired how she was “able to bust through the door of the good ole’ boys club.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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