Sarah Palin Plays Word Association With 2016 Election, Calls One Candidate ‘Nyquil’

PicMonkey Collage - PalinAs tonight’s CNN Republican debate inches closer and closer, Jake Tapper caught up with Sarah Palin this morning to get her thoughts on how things have been shaping up in the 2016 race. After the former Governor of Alaska expressed her approval for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Tapper lightened the mood a bit by having Palin play a little word association in order to get her instinctual reaction to the 2016 competitors.

As with any such game, these responses can range from the serious, to the bizarre, to the downright brutally honest. With Palin as the subject, the responses lived up to a mix of all three:

While Palin gave some serious thoughts about how Jeb Bush was “George” to her, and Jonh Kasich was for “states rights,” she also got a bit more snippy when she called Hillary Clinton “Nyquil,” Bernie Sanders, a “crazy cat that lives up in the attic,” and Marco Rubio, “robotic.”

Palin’s most pointed responses, however, came when she said that she “warned ya” about President Barack Obama. As for the media, the best she could respond was by shuddering and asking herself “where do I find the words?”

Watch the above video from CNN.

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