Sarah Palin Praises Rand Paul As ‘The Change That Is Needed’ On Hannity

Sarah Palin dropped by Hannity tonight to give her two cents on today’s Congressional primaries, although the only solid results coming in at the time were of Rand Paul‘s landslide victory in Kentucky, and she was overwhelmingly optimistic. Palin was happy about Paul’s primary win, noting that some in the Republican establishment were queasy about him because he is “a bit of a libertarian,” but that she didn’t find anything wrong with making the “machine” uncomfortable, something she sees happening across the nation.

Calling the Paul win “overwhelming,” she noted that it was not, however, unpredictable: “I don’t think, though, it’s much of a surprise if you have your thumb on the pulse of what so many in the electorate are thinking.” What are the electorate thinking? “This is a center-right country,” she explained, and there was a yearning for smaller government. “Rand Paul certainly represents that change that is needed,” she added. As for his libertarian leanings, “Heaven forbid we go the opposite direction of a libertarian and what they believe in!” she responded.

On the election results still to come, she called Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter “a representative of bigger government, even when he was a Republican” and reiterated her endorsement of Republican candidate Tim Burns. She also noted, upon Sean Hannity‘s reminder, that it seems that Democrats “kinda don’t want [President Obama] around” during the primaries, what she called a sign of change.

Video below:

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