Sarah Palin’s Full Speech At Event Marking Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday

Tonight, Young America’s Foundation held a banquet honoring the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin delivered the keynote. Palin lovers will love it. Palin haters will hate it. She, of course, delivered glowing praise of Reagan, and compared his fight to preserve the freedom and the ideal of the American dream to today’s battle to do the same. There was talk of the danger in viewing “American exceptionalism” as “exceptionally big government.”

Like any well-crafted message, though, it also contained a solution, and that solution is…people, the “pioneering,” hard-working spirit with which she said we must “reconnect” – the spirit, of course, she said Reagan embodied. The speech was a fine showcase for her charisma…and certainly appeared to be the speech of someone with higher political aspirations. Video of the speech, via C-SPAN, below in two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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