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Palin Tells Barbara Walters She Didn’t Know Bristol And Levi Were Having Sex

ABC Sarah PalinThe Going Rogue storm is swirling. And with the press winds blowing in anticipation of Sarah Palin’s forthcoming tell-all, the former candidate for Vice President has granted an interview to Barbara Walters, which will air next Friday in its entirety on 20/20. But before that, Good Morning America will be previewing clips beginning Tuesday, leading up to the bound-to-be-a-bombshell interview.

Early chatter about the talk indicates that the usual Palin dramas were fodder for more analysis, including the pregnancy of the former Alaska governor’s teenage daughter Bristol. “Truthfully, we were devastated,” Palin told Walters, admitting that she didn’t know her child was having sex before she was informed of the pregnancy.

The baby’s father — Levi Johnston — has stoked his own publicity flame with fervor lately, in anticipation of his own forthcoming print spectacular: an appearance in Playgirl. As of now, there’s nothing to indicate that Walters breached the Levi issue with Palin, but you can bet that we’ve yet to hear about the juiciest parts of the 20/20 talk.

Last week, 20/20 had a similar wave-making interview — the first with pop star Rihanna since her beating at the hands of Chris Brown — which was teased identically, with early preview segments airing throughout the week on Good Morning America. The ratings return was huge for Rihanna, but we all know Palin hates second place. We’ll be following throughout the week.

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