Sarah Palin To Hannity: GOP Candidates Have To Quit ‘Nit-Picking At One Another’

On his show Wednesday night, Sean Hannity asked former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for her thoughts on the “in-fighting” going on among the GOP presidential hopefuls.

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Calling Iowa “the beginning of the road,” Palin said she’s not ready to endorse any of the candidates just yet. She advised voters to keep a close eye on the debates and whatever news is yet to come out about each of the candidates, because it’s important to ensure that “our candidate is vetted and ready to go” against Barack Obama, particularly given that “90 percent of the mainstream media” will be “in his back pocket.”

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She also called for the GOP candidates to stop taking swipes at one another:

Quit nit-picking at one another. Some of these candidates, Sean, they’re playing right into the left’s playbook. They’re doing that opposition research and broadcasting for the left instead of letting us concentrate on the problems under Obama and how we can fix them.

Check it out, via Fox News:

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