Sarah Palin’s CPAC Keynote: ‘Time To Drain The Jacuzzi And Throw The Bums Out With The Bathwater’

Sarah Palin took the stage tonight with plenty of anticipation preceding her– after bowing out of a potential presidential run, Palin has taken something of a backseat to an increasingly unexpected series of characters at the helm of the Republican Party, and she returned in the rare form that made her a star in 2008. Shouting down Occupy protesters, making punchlines out of Obama Campaign slogans, and winning over a crowd that spent a year trying to warm up to Mitt Romney.

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The speech began with a rousing greeting of “Happy Birthday” for the governor, who thanked the organization. There was little time to dabble in formalities, however, but plenty of time to revel in the joy of riding Harley Davidsons for the troops with Rolling Thunder, and Todd Palin‘s snowmobile adventures. But after a bit of that, she went straight to praising the convention and the conservative movement. “Conservatives wanted not so much government, but the Republicans to hear us… the conservative movement has not been brighter.”

Her biggest applause line, by far, was a rhyme about Americans being united: “We aren’t red Americans, we aren’t blue Americans, we are red white and blue Americans and, President Obama, we are through with you!” The government, she continued, was “too big to succeed, to big to ignore and too big to bare anymore,” and after a flurry of “yes we cans” and “change we can believe ins,” Palin was almost interrupted by a small band of Occupy people that tried to mic check her. She quickly began chanting “USA!” along with a very loud crowd, a chant that continued as “Sarah! Sarah!” until security led the protesters out. “You just won,” she told the crowd, following one of the more elegant rejection of Occupy protest aesthetic since the movement’s inception. “You see how easy that is?”

She went back shortly after that to President Obama, joking about the Winning the Future slogan (“WTF, I know”) and joking that the Democrats’ plans were implausible– “and I’m the idiot!” She then discussed foreign policy, getting a couple of applause lines out of attacking President Obama for being weak. “We will never apologize for America’s strength and our greatness… we refuse to accept that a weak America means a better and safer world.” She also attacked “crony capitalism,” basking President Obama for “the capitalism of connections” and warning the Occupy Movement: “you’re occupying the wrong place; you’re protesting the wrong thing.” As for the White House, she used a “jacuzzi” metaphor and called for Republicans to “we drain the jacuzzi and throw out the bums with the bathwater.”

“I came from a state with the corruption problem, too,” she said, while calling President Obama a “Chicago politician” and distinguishing herself for having fought the machine, and mocking the President for singing “Let’s Stay Together” at a fundraiser. She ended with a call for more competition among Republicans, to cull out a “Commander in Chief worthy of our troops.”

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