Sarah Sanders Battles Stephanopoulos Over Woodward Book: ‘Disgruntled’ Ex-Employees ‘Attacking’ Trump

In a Wednesday interview with George Stephanopoulos, Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on the offensive against Bob Woodward and the explosive claims within his new book on the Trump Administration.

The press secretary began by sticking with her statement yesterday that Woodward’s book is nothing but “fabricated stories” from “disgruntled” former members of Trump White House. Stephanopoulos noted that Woodward assembled his book with an extensive collection of taped interviews, documents and White House memorandums, and he also mentioned that “President Trump in that phone call we just saw said Woodward had ‘always been fair.'”

Even though the accounts of Woodward’s book resemble other White House insider tell-alls, Sanders pushed back by touting Trump’s accomplishments and saying the country “doesn’t care about another book that has a lot of salacious stories and names that, frankly, have been told and this is just another repeat of pure fiction.” This eventually led to a back-and-forth about why Trump didn’t give Woodward an interview when the latter tried to reach out multiple times.

In Trump’s latest tweet, he suggested that he might file a libel lawsuit against Woodward over the book.

Watch above, via ABC.

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