Sarah Sanders Dismisses Trump’s Avoidance of Press Questions: He’s Been ‘Incredibly Active All Week’


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders looked particularly irked this afternoon when the press pushed her on everything from Kim Jong-un to Alton Sterling to Stormy Daniels.

But she really busted out the we-do-so-much-for-you-kids-and-what-do-we-get voice when the AP‘s Zeke Miller pointed out that President Donald Trump has made himself rather scarce as of late.

“We haven’t seen much of the president. He said last week he would do a news conference and ended up not taking questions,” Miller said.

“He actually took a couple of questions at the end,” Sanders corrected.

But Miller would not be deterred. “Walking out, but not sort of formal questions to address some other topics in the news,” he said. “Why haven’t we seen so much of the president? Will he commit to doing a formal news conference? He hasn’t done one of those in more than a year.”

“Look, the president’s got a major speech tomorrow. He has been incredibly active all week long,” Sanders replied. “We’ve taken major actions in trade negotiations as well as expelling intel officers from Russia out of the country this week. There have been a number of major things that the president has taken action on and been engaged on. He is giving a major speech tomorrow.”

Miller was unimpressed. “Is he too busy to take questions from the press or…”

“We take questions from you guys every day in a number of different formats,” Sanders shot back, as if it is somehow a privilege for the press to have access to the president’s team for inquiries. “Right now I’m standing up here, taking questions from you, which I did yesterday, which Raj did on Monday and the president’s speaking directly to the American people tomorrow.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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