Sanders Won’t Say White House Not Interfering With FBI, Slams Dems as ‘Disgusting’ For ‘Exploiting’ Ford


On Fox News Sunday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told host Chris Wallace that Democrats in the Senate have “exploited” Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh for partisan gain, calling their behavior ‘disgraceful” and “disgusting.”

Wallace asked Sanders about whether the White House was giving specific instructions to the FBI or a list of people not to interview, and Sanders said repeatedly that they were allowing the Senate to run the show, but never specifically denied an exclusion list. She did, however, lay into Democrats from the start. She said that “this can’t become a fishing expedition like the Democrats would like to see it be.”

“They’ve been absolutely disgraceful in the way they’ve handled this process, the way they’ve exploited both Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford,” she said. “I think we cannot allow the people that have acted in bad faith to determine and allow this to become a total fishing expedition by the FBI.”

When Wallace pressed more on whether the White House was interfering, she turned back to Democrats. “Dianne Feinstein and her staff knew about these accusations. They could have done all of this in a private way to protect Dr. Ford. Instead, for the people that claim to champion women, Democrats have exploited Dr. Ford, they’ve exploited this process and I think it’s been totally disgraceful,” she said.

Wallace turned to the question of Ford’s testimony and the statement from President Donald Trump that she was credible and compelling.

“I think certainly anybody who watch that can’t ignore the fact that it evoked some emotion,, but this isn’t about emotion, it’s about facts, and the facts all end on Brett Kavanaugh’s side,” said Sanders. “Certainly in all of the information that came through that hearing there was no corroboration, but nobody could deny that her testimony wasn’t compelling that it wasn’t impactful, and certainly it appears something happened to this woman and I don’t there’s anybody in America who would condone that or be okay with that. I do think the big question is, was that Brett Kavanaugh? And I think based on his testimony and the information he provided, you can easily come away and say it wasn’t.”

Wallace asked Sanders to elaborate. “I don’t have to tell you you’re a woman,” he said. “How did her testimony affect you personally, and how do you explain it? That should be that compelling and that believable, and yet you think she’s wrong?”

“Again, I think that her testimony was compelling but there was no fact-based information that supported the accusation. Equally compelling if not more so was Brett Kavanaugh, she said. ‘And you point out a woman, I’m also a mom. I have a daughter and I have two sons. I think it’s a very, very dangerous place, and a very dangerous road for America to go down, to simply take an accusation and make it fact.”

Wallace played a clip of Ford’s testimony and pressed about seeing her as credible and while saying she is wrong about Brett Kavanaugh after she was so specific and certain.

“There’s no doubt that her story is heartbreaking, and it’s heart-wrenching to watch it,” she continued. “I’ve watched it a number of times. Again I think you have to look at Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony as well, equally heartbreaking. Look at the destruction of his family, look at how this has played out,” said Sanders.

Sanders brought it once again back to the Democrats.

“The biggest thing that I think is so disgraceful and so disgusting the way the Democrats have allowed this process to play out, and allowed both of these individuals to be so beaten down and so destroyed by, frankly, the media who has played a big role in thiS, not to say that they shouldn’t report it but that they’re putting so much information and so much pressure on these two individuals, and I think that this all could have been avoided had Dianne Feinstein and her team done this behind closed doors, not done this in such a public setting– That was what Dr. Ford asked for, she wanted this to be done in a private way and it wasn’t, and it could have been, and a lot of this could have been avoided, and the pain and the suffering that she’s having to relive, and that Judge Kavanaugh is having to experience all could have been avoided.”

Wallace asked if the White House was open to changing course and withdrawing the nomination if the FBI found something to contradict Kavanaugh, and Sanders said that she would not get ahead of the investigation, and reiterated the Administration’s position that he is credible and accomplished, that the FBI has thoroughly investigated him, and that many dozens of people have stood up for his character and integrity even after the hearings.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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