Sarah Sanders on Jeff Flake’s Senate Floor Trump Takedown: ‘I Don’t Really Care What Senator Flake Has to Say’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not give a flying fig about Republican Senator Jeff Flake taking to the Senate floor to denounce President Donald Trump, and she wants everyone to know it.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, CBS’s Major Garrett asked Sanders whether she agreed or disagreed with Senator Flake’s comments on the Senate floor that “treason is not a punchline.”

“‘I have seen the president’s most ardent defenders use the now-weary argument that the president’s comments were meant as a joke. Just sarcasm, only tongue and cheek. But treason is not a punch line,'” Garrett quoted. “Can you say for the sake of future that you agree with Senator Flake on that? That ‘treason’ or ‘treasonous’ is not a punch line, is not a joking matter?”

“Honestly, I’m not going to respond directly to Senator Flake’s comments,” Sanders responded. “I don’t really care what Senator Flake has to say. I don’t think his constituents do either, and that’s why his numbers are in the tank. The president was clearly joking with his comments.”

After the non-answer, Sanders then pivoted to attacking Democrats for their lack of enthusiasm about what she sees as major accomplishments for the Trump administration, calling their behavior “not a joke.”

“Democrats are going to have to make a decision at some point really soon. Do they hate this president more than they love this country, and I hope the answer to that is no,” she said.

Watch above, via CSPAN.

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