Sarah Sanders Stands By Claim of FBI ‘Spy’ on Trump Campaign: ‘Should Certainly Be Looked Into’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders doubled down on President Donald Trump‘s unfounded claim that the FBI “spied on the Trump campaign.”

“Does President Trump believe that the FBI had a spy at one point spying on his campaign?” one reporter asked Thursday during the White House press briefing.

Sanders responded by saying, “I haven’t spoken with him directly about that, but certainly seeing the reports, and if there is any truth to that, it should certainly be looked into.” Another reporter then asked Sanders “if it is proven without a shadow of a doubt there was a spy planted in the trump campaign, does that change the president’s position on firing Robert Mueller?”

“I’m not going to speak about hypotheticals or get into a what could happen if. We’ll move forward in the process and make a determination at that point,” Sanders replied, before moving on to a friendlier line of questioning from John Gizzi, who works for the conservative outlet Newsmax.

It’s not the first time that Trump has claimed – without evidence – that former President Barack Obama‘s Justice Department spied on him. Trump last year claimed that Obama had his “wires tapped,” although there is zero evidence to support that wild claim.

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