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Saturday Night Live To Do Two Special Thursday Shows In Run Up To Election

Just like in 2008, Saturday Night Live will air a series of special live election specials on Thursday nights, a move which always feels like the biggest contradiction of one’s own title since The Neverending Story ended. The special episodes will air on September 20th and 27th.

In the weeks leading up to the 2008 presidential election, the NBC series premiered Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday, three special episodes that featured cameos from former cast members like Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, and Chris Parnell as well as more time for Tina Fey’s instantly iconic Sarah Palin impression to shine. The special presentation was repeated for three more episodes in 2009. Plans for Spring 2010 editions never came to fruition.

And yet, despite the lack of anyone as perfect for mockery as Palin (Who knows? Maybe in a desperate attempt to court gay voters, Mitt Romney will choose Stefon as his running mate and we’ll be set), the show is bringing the specials back.

It had been theorized that they’d make a return since NBC’s Fall schedule included some late premiere dates for a Thursday show or two, but the episodes weren’t confirmed until today’s Television Critics Association Press Tour event with Entertainment Chief Robert Greenblatt.

(h/t Stuart Levine)

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