Scaramucci: A Large Coalition of People — Including Me — Will Stop Supporting Trump Over Racism


Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci warned President Donald Trump Thursday that he and many other supporters will abandon him if he continues to engage in racist rhetoric.

Alisyn Camerota asked the Scaramucci for his reaction to the “send her back” chants at Trump’s rally Thursday night, which comes after nearly a week of racist attacks against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and three of her progressive colleagues.

Scaramucci called Trump’s recent remarks “racist rhetoric,” adding that it was “against the idealistic values of America,” and that Trump is running the risk of alienating voters he needs to secure re-election.

The interview continued on why Trump is pursuing this strategy and what he’s playing at by trying to use “the squad” as a labeling weapon against Democrats. Camerota brought up how Scaramucci has called Trump’s remarks “reprehensible, racist, and neanderthalish,” so she asked, “and yet, you still support him?”

“I do,” Scaramucci said, but he later added, “If he continues on that path, he’s going to lose a glacier of support. Its gonna break off and float away from him in a way he doesn’t understand.”

“Would you still support him?” Camerota asked. “If he continues with these tweets, he would lose your support?

“Not just my support,” Scaramucci answered. “He has friends of his in the White House that are working for him that are telling reporters ‘These tweets are racist, but I can’t say anything because I got to keep my job.'”

This led to Camerota pressing Scaramucci on what exactly is his breaking point if he truly believes Trump’s remarks are racist. Here’s a taste of how that went:

Scaramucci: “Don’t make it a moral question.”

Camerota: “It is a moral question.”

Scarmucci: “For me it will eventually be a moral question. But he’s not a racist.”

Camerota: “But his Tweets are racist.”

Scaramucci: “The Tweets are racist, yeah. . And by the way the friends would tell him the truth would tell him the tweets are racist. But again, I don’t believe he’s a racist”

Watch above, via CNN.

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