Scaramucci Bemoans ‘Republican on Republican Crime’ in Response to Sean Spicer Criticism


As he guest hosted The View on Friday, Anthony Scaramucci reacted to Sean Spicer after the former press secretary jabbed The Mooch over his extremely short stint as White House Communications Director.

Spicer recently gave an interview to ABC in order to insist that he never mislead or lied to the American people while working for the Trump Administration. Spicer also told Paula Faris that he did resign from his post in response to Scaramucci’s hiring, and Spicer wasn’t surprised the comm directer was dismissed so soon “after some of the things that occurred.”

It’s possible Spicer was alluding to that interview where the former financier went off on a wild tirade against Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon.

“Here’s the problem with the Republican Party, we have Republican on Republican crime all the time,” Scaramucci responded. “The Democrats, maybe they don’t like each other, but they’re in solidarity.”

As Scaramucci continued to say that the nation has to get it together as a whole, Faris asked him if he thought he was qualified when President Trump brought him on board. He also faced questions about the fierce criticisms he had for Trump before falling in line behind the 2016 GOP nominee.

Eventually, Faris asked Scaramucci about the reports that he contributed to the White House infighting by calling Spicer “Melissa McCarthy” behind his back. Scaramucci said he actually called Spicer “Liar spice from the Spice Girls,” and he also commented about how there were certain people in the White House who weren’t “full believers on the Trump Train.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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