Scaramucci Makes Ominous Prediction for Final Weeks of Trump White House: ‘Nefarious Neglect,’ ‘Ridiculous Pardons’ and ‘Fundraising’ for Post Presidency


Anthony Scaramucci, whose 11-day tenure as Trump White House communications director was so disastrously brief that it became its own infamous time unit, predicted that the final “Scaramucci” or two of this administration will be marked by more “ridiculous pardons,” “nefarious neglect,” and plenty of fundraising to pad the post presidency of Donald Trump and his family.

Speaking with Anderson Cooper 360 guest host Jim Sciutto on Tuesday night, Scaramucci expressed his confidence that Vice President Mike Pence would not engage in any Electoral College shenanigans, but very little else.

“About January 6th,” Sciutto said, alluding to the day that the House and Senate will verify the Electoral College victory of President-elect Joe Biden. “He’s still putting pressure on his vice president to somehow contest before the floor. You speak to folks in this administration. How does Vice President Pence plan to handle this?

“I can’t speak for the vice president, but I’m very confident that he’s going to do what is appropriate for the United States,” Scaramucci said. “He did take a vow to the Constitution, and take an oath to the Constitution. He’s going to do what’s appropriate.”

But then Scaramucci turned to Trump and his analysis was far less sanguine.

“The last two weeks of the administration, there will be a series of ridiculous pardons and they’ll be a series of nefarious neglect and activity related to setting up President Trump and his family for the post presidency and some of it will be gimmickry, some of it related to fundraising, and some will be pardons with those pardons being tied to something in the future. You know, it’s terrible.”

The former Trump official pointed to the imminent Congressional veto override of the president on the defense bill as a hopeful sign of bipartisanship and a possibly “good start for the new in coming Biden administration.”

And before he left, Scaramucci was given the opportunity for one last prediction — about the next presidential election.

“Just very quickly yes or no,” Sciutto pressed. “If you had to bet five bucks now, is he running again in 2024 or is this a charade?”

“Forget about five bucks, I got five thousand that he’s not,” Scaramucci said confidently. “If you want to take it to 50 [thousand], Jim, we probably got to go to a bookie, but I’m in. There’s no chance this guy is running again.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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