Scarborough Accuses Fox Hosts of Retreating to ‘Clinton Email Stories’ When There’s ‘Damning News’ About Trump


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made an intriguing point on Tuesday about “certain hosts on Fox News”: when President Donald Trump‘s having a bad week, their focus is curiously elsewhere.

Morning Joe was covering the stink bomb White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tossed out on Monday when she declared the president was weighing revoking the security clearances of six former Obama officials who have been critical of Trump.

“There are certain hosts on Fox News, that when there is damning news about Donald Trump, something that should really concern Americans now, they’ll do Hillary Clinton email stories,” Scarborough said.

“This whole smokescreen yesterday about taking security clearances away from former CIA directors and other intel giants, that came off of a Fox News segment with Rand Paul,” he continued, referring to Tucker Carlson‘s interview with the Kentucky senator.

Scarborough said Paul “shamelessly” said he was going to the White House — not to talk about “Vladimir Putin influencing US foreign policy, not about Donald Trump embarrassing himself in the eyes of the world in Helsinki, not about the destruction of our 55-60 years alliance with NATO” — but “to try and strip John Brennan and others of their security clearances.”

“Again, smoke screen, distract, try to get people’s attention off of what’s right in front of them,” Scarborough said. “I’m quite confident that there aren’t that many people out there that are still so stupid as to not know that they’re being manipulated.”

As far as certain Fox News hosts retreating to the Hillary Clinton vault when things get sticky for Trump, Scarborough has a point. A transcript search of Sean Hannity‘s show revealed Hillary Clinton was brought up 11 times on the Monday night episode.

Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, mentioned her 12 times, and even dedicated a segment to Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood producer, donating to her foundation. He also covered “zombie raccoons.”

Laura Ingraham takes the cake, however, mentioning Hillary a whopping 18 times. Reminder: Clinton lost the presidential election to Trump 20 months ago.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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