Scarborough: ‘America Doesn’t Do Occupations’

During a discussion on Morning Joe Wednesday morning about President Barack Obama’s announced drawdown of troop levels in Afghanistan, Joe Scarborough decried the “false choice” of either occupying a troubled country with U.S. troops or ignoring it altogether, arguing that U.S. intervention in other regions need not be followed by occupation.

“It’s been the age of occupation,” Scarborough said. “We’ve got to move past the false choice that we were given back in 2001, which is the old Pottery Barn rule, ‘If you break it you own it.’ No. That suggests if we go into Syria and there’s a slaughter going on there, or if we go into Iran because we find out they do have nuclear weapons and they’re going to use them to destabilize the world, that somehow to fix a broken country means that we have to occupy that country for a decade. That’s the false choice that we’ve lived by. That’s the false choice that I personally believe we need to get past.”

“America doesn’t do occupations,” Scarborough continued. “That’s what we’ve been doing. And it has broken our military. It’s broken the bank, and we need to move past that.”

Meet the Press host David Gregory agreed. “I think one of the doctrines of the Obama years is, ‘We’re only going to do something where we think can make an actual difference. We’re not going to own it because we have to somehow own it.'”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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