Scarborough Bashes Conservatives for Not Condemning Trump’s Attacks on Amazon: ‘It’s a Flat-Out Lie!’


Joe Scarborough railed against Republicans on Wednesday morning for their reluctance to call out President Trump for his lies about NATO and his attacks against Amazon.

As he looked over the president’s comments from the White House yesterday, Scarborough declared that “everything he’s saying is not wrong, it’s a flat-out lie!” After economic analyst Steve Rattner explained how Amazon benefits the postal service (despite Trump’s insistence to the contrary), Scarborough also took aim at the president for taking credit for the current state of affairs regarding NATO.

“He’s either completely ignorant of the way NATO has been run since the 1940s, or else he’s just lying,” Scarborough said.

When Mika Brzezinski asked if Trump’s consistent lying is a sign that he’s “losing it,” Eugene Robinson explained that Trump’s latest attacks against his political enemies stem from personal motivations that don’t really make sense on the whole. When Scarborough brought the focus back on NATO and Amazon, he continued to say that with how many false statements Trump has made about both of them, he’s either ignorant or lying.

Elise Jordan noted how strange it was Republicans haven’t condemned Trump for attacking a private company, and Scarborough agreed that free-market conservatives aren’t nearly as worried or angry as they ought to be.

“Isn’t this the very thing that any Republican – or if there are any Republicans left in Congress – should be calling out in press conferences today?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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