Scarborough Blasts Cruz For ‘Posing’ For 2016: ‘Strengthening Obama, All To Build His Mailing List’

On Morning Joe Monday morning, host Joe Scarborough denounced Texas Senator Ted Cruz as more concerned with building his mailing lists for a 2016 run than helping the Republican Party, and claimed that even some conservative House members were starting to rankle at Cruz’s “the hell with the conservative movement” tactics.

“I’m hearing from conservative house members—conservative house members, that have 95, 96, 97% ACU conservative ratings!—that are saying, of Ted Cruz, this guy is making our life a living hell, by pushing things that will never work, only strengthen Obama, and they keep our people on the phone all the time,” Scarborough said.

“And what they’re angry about is, that he’s doing it all to build his mailing list, so he can raise money and become a national candidate. And basically to hell, not only with the Republican Party, the hell with the conservative moment.”

“Call conservative congressmen in the House and speak to them off the record,” Scarborough promised. “They’re just as pissed off at what’s going on as some moderate Republican senator in the Senate. Democrats love this. Conservetives hate it.”

Scarborough favorably contrasted Utah Senator Mike Lee’s demeanor from Cruz’s. “He’s not posing,” Scarborough said.

Watch the full clip below, via MSNBC:

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