Scarborough: Bloomberg Nixed Obama’s Post-Sandy Visit To NYC Because He’s ‘Bitterly Disappointed’ In POTUS

On Wednesday, the folks at Morning Joe — joined by Politico’s Jim VandeHei — turned their attention to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s respective reactions to President Barack Obama in the midst of dealing with the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Host Joe Scarborough pointed out that Christie will be running for re-election in the “bluest of blue states” next year, so it benefits him, politically, to act graciously towards Obama. Mika Brzezinski took issue with this, noting that Christie had merely complimented the President, yet her colleagues at the show are acting like the two are sharing beers and becoming best friends.

“It’s not just the compliment,” VandeHei responded. “It’s the effusiveness of the compliment.”

Mayor Bloomberg, meanwhile, basically told the President that it wasn’t necessary for him to visit New York in the wake of the storm, and that his trip to New Jersey “will suffice.” While VandeHei didn’t view the move as necessarily political, Scarborough and Willie Geist saw it as a clear and deliberate “diss” on Bloomberg’s part.

“I think Bloomberg has been bitterly disappointed by President Obama,” said Scarborough. “And I think he may be offended by the President trying to use New York City as a backdrop for a final week for a campaign where I’m not so sure he wants him to be re-elected.”

Have a look, via MSNBC:

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