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Scarborough Brutally Mocks Trump’s False Claim That Mueller Found He ‘Rebuffed’ Russian Interference

President Donald Trump falsely claimed that the Mueller Report stated that his campaign “rebuffed” Russian election interference during a press gaggle in the Oval Office Wednesday afternoon. Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough found this claim so absurd on its face, that he immediately and brutally mocked the false claim in a manner worthy of a Mediaite post.

Trump claimed that the Mueller Report disappointed his critics because it “said no collusion and no obstruction and no nothing,” before adding, “It’s sad we actually rebuffed your friends from Russia…that we actually pushed them back, we rebuffed them.”

Scarborough could not contain his laughter before revealing to his co-host (and wife) Mika Brzezinski that he “actually scored the winning goal” in last night’s seventh game of the Stanley Cup. He also claimed to have won the Masters golf tournament in 1987, all the while pointing and laughing at Trump’s false claim.

The segment ends with Brzezinksi highlighting specifics of the Mueller Report that counters Trump’s false claim that opened the segment.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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