Scarborough Compares Trump’s Wall Deal to The Simpsons: He Said ‘We’ll Take It’ to an Offer of Zero


Joe Scarborough mocked President Donald Trump on Wednesday by saying negotiations for southern border wall funding have reached The Simpsons levels of absurdity.

Morning Joe used portions of their show to talk about the possibility that Trump could sign the new bipartisan spending bill being floated through Congress, even though it provides only a fraction of the wall funding he demanded. This prompted Scarborough to marvel that Trump might end up taking even less border security money than he would’ve gotten if he just took the deal he rejected before the recent government shutdown.

“This reminds me of Homer Simpson and Lionel Hutz negotiating with Montgomery Burns where he says ‘I have another offer for you’ and hands him a slip of paper that says zero, and they go, ‘we’ll take it!’ And then, of course, Mr. Burns says, release the hounds.”

It seems the Morning Joe crew are fans of The Simpsons since this is hardly the first time they’ve invoked the cartoon to reference Trump.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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