Scarborough Drives the Knife On SCOTUS Nomination: Hillary Blew It, This Is What Happens


On Morning Joe on Thursday, Joe Scarborough wasted no time in pointing out to democrat voters in crisis over the news that President Donald Trump will have a second Supreme Court appointment that elections have consequences. He even made a special point of addressing “blue check mark” users on Twitter.

“Yesterday there were several people who were shocked at this news, and quite a few people actually with blue check marks by their name, saying this was the bleakest moment in their lives and they didn’t know how they were going to move forward with it,” said Scarborough.

He said that although they criticize Trump regularly for, among other things, violating “constitutional norms,” in this case Trump is simply fulfilling an obligation of the office. The office, Joe reminds, that Hillary Clinton failed to win.

“When you elect presidents, this is what happens. And when Hillary Clinton didn’t visit Wisconsin and didn’t visit Michigan enough and when we saw a young woman yesterday with a campaign message that was more inspiring in three minutes than what Hillary Clinton gave us in two years,” he said. “They can — complain about Internet this and that and the press did this and they should have done that. The fact is — Hillary never had a message. She ran a horrible campaign.”

Here is some fresh salt, oh ye wounded. He wasn’t quite done though.

“I mean what Donald Trump did yesterday is what presidents do,” he added.

It wasn’t all salt though. Scarborough also noted that if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can bring a halt to “the norms of checks and balances” then “damn it, Democrats can try to do the same thing”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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