Scarborough Goes OFF on GOP’s ‘Blind Fealty’ to Trump: ‘You Know NOTHING’ About Conservatism

Joe Scarborough tore into Republican leaders on Tuesday by declaring that they have rejected any real sense of political conservatism out of “blind fealty” to President Donald Trump.

The diatribe came as Morning Joe talked about John McCollister, the Republican Nebraska State Senator who recently made headlines by saying the GOP is “complicit” with racism and white supremacy within its party. When Mika Brzezinski noted that the Nebraska State Republican Party reacted to McCollister by saying he has “shed all pretense of being a conservative,” Scarborough sharply responded that they can “stop right there.”

“I’m speaking directly to you. You’re not a conservative, you’re not close to being a conservative,” Scarborough seethed. “You know nothing about being a conservative, absolutely nothing about being conservative. This is not about ideology. This is about your blind fealty to Donald Trump. You have chosen to follow a con man and a scam artist.”

Scarborough continued his rant by remarking on traditional conservative values and accomplishments and how many of them have been cast aside by the GOP under Trump. To this end, Scarborough expressed disdain for the Nebraska GOP “lecturing anybody on being conservative.”

“You’re not conservative. I know conservative. I am conservative. You are pathetic…They don’t know what conservative is.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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