Scarborough, Guests Take On Rubio’s Collapsed ‘Street Cred’: Tea Party’s ‘Great Hope’ Now Getting Booed

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, the discussion turned toward Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and his sticky situation within the Republican Party. The senator is caught between the tea party and the establishment, the guests noted, recalling that he was once the party’s Great Hope. And now he gets booed.

Over the past few months, Joe Scarborough noted, Rubio’s been moving a bit to the left and a bit to the right — and now finds himself on a “fault line,” “getting torn from both sides.” Speaking to the “vitriol” spewed at Rubio, David Brody argued that the problem isn’t just immigration. It’s that he’s increasingly being seen as an establishment figure. (And the likes of Sen. Rand Paul benefit from that.)

Rubio “has found if you go too far toward the establishment, and actually try to work too much inside Washington and actually get things done, then suddenly your street cred collapses and people are saying nasty things about you at Capitol Hill rallies,” Scarborough weighed in, later in the segment.

The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters agreed, adding an anecdote to illustrate that point: “Yesterday when his name was announced, he was booed as if he were Harry Reid. And these are tea party people.”

“Think about that for a minute,” he added. “This guy was…the great hope for the tea party. He was the tea party senator. And now he’s being booed at their rallies?”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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