Scarborough: Is There Concern for Trump’s Mental Well Being? Woodward: ‘I am Not a Psychiatrist’


The transformation of cable news programming into 100% Bob Woodward coverage continues unabated. And while there is little new information to be revealed about the author and his new book Fear,  we are now focusing on the questions cable news hosts are asking of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Take for example today’s episode of Morning Joe. 

Context: Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have, over the past 20 months or so, quite vocally speculated about the mental health of President Donald Trump. They’ve claimed he is “not well,” noted “slurred words” and have called him “unstable” or “unfit” for office numerous times.

So it seems relatively newsworthy when early in an interview, Scarborough went there, asking Woodward if any staffers expressed “concern about Donald Trump’s well being, mentally.” A fair question to be sure, though critics are just as certain to see someone looking to confirm his own bias? In other words, a perfect Mediaite post.

Woodward immediately dismissed the query, claiming “I am not a psychiatrist and I don’t dig into that.” He then added “What matters to people is the performance as president. And when you dig into this and excavate it, again, you find people are worried about the performance, the inability to grow, the inability to listen, the inability to change his mind.”

Credit to Scarborough for asking the question, even if, Bob Woodward cannot (would not?) say if Trump is mentally unwell. The authour could say, however, that the Commander in Chief is stubborn and incurious, which worries people around him because they don’t trust him.

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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