Scarborough: John McCain Was ‘Exactly What America Needed’ in Age of Trump


Morning Joe opened Monday’s show in honor of the life and service of Senator John McCain who succumbed to brain cancer on Saturday. Host Joe Scarborough knew McCain well and painted a complete image of the war hero, and putting McCain’s candor and “sharp edges” in stark relieve during the “Age of Trump.”

Scarborough opened the show with “John McCain had some conflicts, he had some contradictions, he had sharp edges, he had sharp elbows, yet in all of my years dealing with the man, it made me love him even more.” He added “even when I knew at times when he loathed me, he was a straight shooter, he spoke his mind.”

“And he was exactly what America needed, not only in the 1960s in Vietnam, the courage that he showed, the extraordinary strength he showed but also in the age of Trump.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.




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