Scarborough Laughs at Trump’s Intelligence Boast: He’s ‘Lying’, ‘Not a Civil Man’ and ‘Insecure’


Joe Scarborough cracked up this morning as he reacted to Wednesday’s media gaggle where President Trump bragged about how intelligent he is.

The eponymous Morning Joe host was snickering on Thursday as he spoke of how Trump is hardly as “civil” or “intelligent” as he thinks he is. Scarborough also said this was the president’s latest attempt to redefine reality casting the blame for his incivility on the “mean people in the press.”

“Even though it’s funny, because he’s so insecure that he has to tell people he went to an Ivy League college and he’s a very intelligent man, the sad part is this is another day of lying,” Scarborough said.

As the panel discussed, they noted the differences between intelligence and civility, and how this is not the first time Trump felt the need to talk up his IQ.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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