Scarborough Mocks Cruz’s ‘Pretend’ Filibuster: ‘Not Even Inspiring Narcissism’


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough mocked Ted Cruz’s “pretend filibuster,” which began Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday morning, arguing that it would yield no legislative results, and wasn’t even impressive as an example of political opportunism.

“If you don’t stand with him on this pretend filibuster,” Scarborough began, “which by the way, most Republicans don’t, because if most Republicans did, this wouldn’t be a phony filibuster—since the Wall Street Journal has said this is a phony fight, and since Scott Walker has said this is a phony fight, and since Charles Krauthammer has said this is a phony fight, and since Paul Ryan has said this is a phony fight, and since the House of Representatives and Republicans—everybody has said these Republicans are right wing nuts, and now suddenly they are Neville Chamberlain, according to Ted Cruz. It is really just so preposterous! It’s just a game.”

Cokie Roberts argued Cruz was just responding to conservative groups demanding unrelenting efforts to repeal ObamaCare.

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“You have to add to that brew that there’s a political opportunism here,” Huffington Post’s Sam Stein said. “He’s going to die on this hill, and then he’ll turn around and tell all of the conservatives that he was alone. That benefits him politically, even though it’s terribly narcissistic in some respects—”

“All politicians are narcissistic, but this is just phony, this isn’t even inspiring narcissism,” Scarborough said. “Churchill was a narcissist. But this is just pretend. He can be doing this in his closet and it would have the same exact effect on America.”

“We can say that a million times over,” Stein said. “But for him and for the people who follow him, he still gets to say, ‘I died on that hill for the purposes of defeating ObamaCare and I was alone.'”

Watch the full clip below, via MSNBC:

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