Scarborough Mocks GOP Pledge to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions They Sabotaged: ‘They ‘re All Lying!’


A funny thing has happened in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections. Republican candidates running for re-election have done a 180 on the pre-existing condition position of health care reform.

And by funny thing, it literally made Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough laugh out loud in ridicule of Republican hypocrisy.

After airing a “supercut” of campaign ad clips of GOP candidates pledging support of pre-existing condition coverage, Scarborough could not contain his mocking laughter.

“They’re all lying!” he bellowed before taking down the candidate’s positions.

“Let’s just start with Rick Scott in Florida” he opened before mimicking the odd vocal timbre of the Florida Governor now running for Senate. “Did you know he’s in charge of the head on of a lawsuit you to do what? He’s suing to make sure insurance companies do not have to cover pre-existing conditions. ”

Scarborough continued “all those other Republicans, you know what they did, as well? They also are either suing to make sure that insurance companies don’t have to support pre-existing conditions or they voted in Congress to make sure that insurance companies don’t have to pay for pre-existing conditions.”

The former Republican Congressman turned morning show host stuck the landing with “they’re all lying through their teeth!”

For nearly the past decade, the consistent Republican position on health care reform was that Obamacare was a policy abomination that would lead to record unemployment and tank the economy.

As a result, elected officials from the right side of the aisle worked tirelessly to sabotage key tenets of the Affordable Care Act, of which a primary position was the guaranteed ensuring of patients with pre-existing conditions.

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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