Scarborough Mocks New Census Health Care Questions: ‘Is Obamacare Great, or What?’

A Morning Joe round table/panel dealie Wednesday morning universally criticized the Census Bureau’s changes, announced yesterday, to its health questionnaire, a move that will likely obscure the effects the Affordable Care Act, and one many say was politically motivated.

The panel called the timing (which the bureau itself termed “coincidental and unfortunate”) “fishy” and “ridiculous,” and noted that even progressives were outraged at the appearance, at the very least, that the Obama administration was attempting to ”cook the books” on Obamacare.

“Do we know what the questions are now?” asked MJ-regular Mike Barnacle.

“Is Obamacare great, or what? ” host Joe Scarborough joked.

“How great are things going?” Barnacle said.

“Would you prefer to have health insurance, or not have health insurance?” MJ-regular Katty Kay offered.

“Listen, the White Houses on both sides do their best to cook the books,” Scarborough concluded. “I think this is a particularly clumsy effort.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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