Scarborough: ‘No-Win Situation’ for GOP Interrogating Kavanaugh Accuser; ‘Facts Be Damned’


It appears that on Monday of next week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will interview both Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has alleged sexual assault 35 years ago, Christine Blasey Ford.

Producers of Morning Joe saw this as a topic worthy of opening their program today and prepared a graphic that showed the gender makeup of the committee. Of the 12 Democrats there are three women, but the majority 13 Republicans there is nary one female senator.

Joe Scarborough put as fine a point on the optic challenges that face Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, noting their “thankless task.”  In Scarborough’s esteem, the political impact of powerful men interrogating a woman claiming to be a victim of sexual assault puts the GOP in a political bind.

“If I am a Republican candidate running somewhere across America, next Monday I’m going to have my head buried in the sand because this is a no-win situation for them,” adding that  “they’re politically going to look very insensitive in a year that a lot of women are going to be elected to Congress.”

Perhaps the purest expression of the political conundrum we find ourselves in this Kavanaugh confirmation process — and many other approval hearings that came before it — is Scarborough’s noting that “facts be damned” in prosecuting the truth in these allegations from over three decades. Literalists will certainly take issue with his suggestion that we should ignore facts in the case, but clearly he was speaking metaphorically.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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