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Scarborough: Officer Wilson’s Indictment Now ‘Prerequisite for Peace’

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough worried Monday morning that officer Darren Wilson’s indictment had become necessary to avoid violent tumult in Ferguson and elsewhere.

“I have a concern about a police officer whose indictment is now a prerequisite for peace,” Scarborough said. “And the pressure is building to indict, to indict, to indict. We don’t know the evidence. It’s not like Trayvon [Martin], where you had a guy chase a guy around a neighborhood and shoot him because he was black. We don’t know the evidence here. And yet everybody’s demanding indictments.”

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“We want to make sure that the police officer gets due process,” Scarborough continued. “That may not be a very fashionable thing to say. I’m hearing people say, well, whether he deserves it or not, we have to have a trial. No, that’s not the way the Constitution works. If there is evidence to indict him and move forward with it, then for god’s sake, do it. If there’s not, don’t.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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