Scarborough: Over 100 Women Going to Congress is ‘Counter-Reaction to Misogyny of Donald Trump’


The midterm elections were held six days ago, but the results are still being analyzed. Election results that initially looked mixed for both parties, has revealed to be something closer to the “blue wave” that Democrats hoped for in the weeks and months that led up to November 6th.

Mika Brzezinski made note of this on Monday’s Morning Joe and made a special exception of the nearly 100 women that are heading to Congress after last week’s vote. Joe Scarborough followed with his own explanation of why the United States will see a record number of women in U.S. Congress.

“You have over 100 women going to Congress for the first time in U.S. History. That is all a counter-reaction to the misogyny of Donald Trump and the rise of women.”

Scarborough explained further that anyone expecting Trump to continue to surprise political analysts as he did in 2016 because “there are no consequences to his actions” is sorely mistaken. “You can look also at the racism that we have been critical of from the very beginning. There is a reason that Muslim-Americans, women are there is a reason why Hispanics came out and voted the way they did”

Scarborough cited fellow Morning Joe contributor Amy Walters from the Cook Political Report,  who claimed “Republicans had the greatest structural advantage they will have for years for years,” ending with “They politically got wiped off the map.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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