Scarborough: Politicians, President Continue Letting Troops Die In Afghanistan For Political Reasons

Prompted by last night’s slaying of three American troops stationed overseas, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough expressed his frustration and anger over the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. American Special Forces, as Mika Brzezinski reported, has been invited to dinner meeting by a local police commander. As they were eating, the Afghan official and his cohorts opened fire on the troops.

“Why are we there?” asked Scarborough. “We’ve been asking for three years. Why do we continue to be there when we are not going to make any further gains? And politicians in Washington know it — and we’ve been saying it for three years — they know. They are allowing young Americans to die for political reasons and for political reasons only.”

“The President did it for political reasons,” said Scarborough of his having tripled troops overseas despite protestations from the likes of Joe Biden. “The President continues to keep the troops there for political reasons. Only the President can be the person to end this madness and he hasn’t yet. Why?”

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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