Scarborough: Putin Learning Same Lesson as GOP Competitors About ‘Dumb Donald Trump’


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough likened Russian President Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump‘s GOP competitors during the 2016 presidential primary  as they all, in his view, underestimated the Manhattan billionaire.

The former Republican congressman first cited guest David Ignatius‘s point about how the President “threw off” China with his call to the president of Taiwan, and asserted that the same was true with Russia. He also noted that former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, made the point that Putin “thought he had a dupe in the White House” with Trump; but now, he’s “scratching his head and going, ‘what the hell do I do next?'”

Scarborough continued by quoting from a Thursday column in The Atlantic by Julia Ioffe:

The American airstrike on the…air base in Syria didn’t do all that much. A day and 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles later…Assad was still in power, his planes were still taking off…still flying and still dropping bombs and killing people in the same…Province where a sarin gas attack killed more than 80 people last week. What the strike did do, though, was radically alter the power dynamic between Moscow and Washington that Vladimir Putin had spent the last three years establishing: one in which Putin acts and Washington, gobsmacked, scrambles to react.

The MSNBC host added that Putin is “learning the same exact thing that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and all of these people that thought they were so much smarter than dumb Donald Trump learned in the campaign.”

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