Scarborough Baffled By Contradictory Obama: Created ‘Explosion’ In Drone Strikes But Now ‘Pulling Back’?

The Morning Joe panel on Friday discussed the counterterrorism speech President Obama gave yesterday — questioning whether it really was as momentous as some are saying. Richard Haass felt it was, hoping it becomes a model for his presidency. Joe Scarborough meanwhile observed that Obama appears to be coming full circle to embrace his 2008 self.

It was a speech of big ideas, Haass said, which allowed the president to use his position as a classroom. Essentially the message was that the war on terrorism will continue to be a concern but not a central, dominating one, he added.

“I just don’t understand why the same president who actually caused an explosion in drone attacks is now the one pulling back,” Scarborough jumped in. “The same guy that decided not to close Gitmo four years is suddenly sounding like the President Obama of 2008, the candidate Obama which, again, I’m not criticizing him for this.”

“Why this speech now?” he asked.

Mark Halperin agreed that there were several contradictions between 2008 Obama and how he’s governed — but it’s “remarkable for a president to propose checks on the power of his presidency.” Especially following the Bush/Cheney years.

“The president may be coming full circle now,” Scarborough observed later in the segment. “May be going back to the Barack Obama of 2008.”

He “desperately” wants to close Gitmo, Robert Gibbs asserted. And this speech indicates what we’ll see in a second term.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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