Scarborough Slams Trump’s ‘Slow the Testing’ Joke: 120,000 Coronavirus Deaths is ‘Not Funny at All’


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski tore into Donald Trump’s coronavirus testing remarks now that the White House is insisting that the president was joking during his rally in Tulsa.

Morning Joe started the week by looking at how acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro claimed Trump was being humorous or “tongue in cheek” when he said, “I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please!” After that, the show aired a montage with several of Trump’s most controversial statements of the last few years that he and his allies have defended as sarcasm or “clearly joking.”

“When is he serious? Is he ever serious?” Brzezinski asked. “I think what we can deduce here is he’s never joking.”

Scarborough then sorted through the “treason,” police brutality, the coronavirus’ death toll, and all the other topics Trump supposedly joked about according to his defenders.

“Now if you think that’s funny, I guess you and I just have a different sense of humor,” Scarborough said.

When twice as many people have already died of this so-called hoax than died in Vietnam, than died in combat deaths in World War I for Americans. I don’t actually think you joke about 120,000 people and senior citizens dying and senior citizens fighting for their life and senior citizens now afraid in Oklahoma that they’re going to get it. Senior citizens afraid in Florida that they may get it because the president keeps going, we’re not talking about not wearing masks, this is about not taking this seriously. About trying to run a campaign against a pandemic that has killed 120,000 Americans, and is disproportionately killed senior citizens. Not funny. Not funny at all.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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