Scarborough Rips GOP ‘Fecklessness’ to ‘Jackal’ Trump: They Do Nothing While Trade War Loses Jobs


On Tuesday, Joe Scarborough led his Morning Joe colleagues in a discussion about Harley Davidson is moving production out of the country because of tariffs from the European Union.

Donald Trump went after the motorcycle manufacturers yesterday because of their decision to launch an overseas operation in order to try and avoid the trade fights over the president’s latest tariffs. As Scarborough called this the latest sign of America’s brewing trade wars on the international market, he slammed the GOP for the fact that their silent obedience to Trump won’t allow them to point out the negative impact this will have on Americans.

“They’re going to start losing jobs now because of the fecklessness of the people like Paul Ryan, because of the fecklessness of people like Mitch McConnell, who will not put votes on the floor to support free trade. It’s because they’re not conservatives, they’re Trumpists…They sat on their hands and are trembling. Now Americans are starting to lose jobs. Great job, fellows, I hope it’s worth it.”

As Scarborough argued that America’s GDP has been going up for decades before Trump took office, he eventually referred to the president as a “jackal.”

“We’ve had more unprecedent economic growth than any country in the history of this planet, but [Trump’s] just going to change things because ‘I feel like it.'”

Trump is continuing the attack on Harley Davidson today, as evidenced by his latest tweets:

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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