Scarborough Rips NRA ‘Extremism’: ‘Greatest Danger’ To 2nd Amendment, Will Lead To Another Dem President

Joe Scarborough was back on the gun control beat on Wednesday morning, specifically taking aim at the “survivalist wing” of the National Rifle Association. Citing their disingenuous fear tactics, Scarborough deemed them to be the “greatest danger” to Second Amendment rights.

The “big lie” the NRA has been telling for years, he said, is that — after an assault weapons ban and restricting high-capacity magazines — the government will also come to take away handguns and hunting rifles. “That is an absolute lie,” Scarborough asserted, citing a 2008 Supreme Court case that made clear Americans have the right to keep and bear arms.

He continued:

You know what the greatest danger to that Second Amendment right and that guarantee is right now? Extremism from the survivalist wing of the NRA that impacts Republicans’ policies nationwide and moves the Republican Party so far away from mainstream America that they lose the House, they lose the Senate again in ’14, and they lose the presidency again. And the next president will be Democratic.

And you know what happens then? That president can appoint liberal Supreme Court justices who can “gut” Second Amendment rights. The “extremism,” he said, bears significant long-term consequences.

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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