Scarborough Rips Pompeo’s ‘Orwellian’ Lies to Protect Trump: American People Know He’s Lying


Joe Scarborough went after Mike Pompeo on Friday as he blasted various members of Donald Trump‘s government for the blatant lies they tell to protect the president.

The slams came as Morning Joe discussed the “willful ignorance” Pompeo displayed when he spoke to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Thursday night. During that interview, the secretary of state was asked about how Hillary Clinton recently wondered whether the GOP would be okay with foreign interference in American politics if China suddenly decided to hack Trump to find his tax returns.

Clinton modeled her hypothetical off of Trump’s infamous press conference where he called on Russia to take action on her email server scandal. As for Pompeo, he reacted to Clinton’s words by saying “they don’t remotely sound like what ought to be done by America and they’re certainly not what President Trump and this administration is going to do.”

Scarborough wasn’t impressed, saying “you’re just lying. You’re lying because you think, what? Only Trump viewers are going to see that? How stupid do you think they are? Why do you insult their intelligence, Mr. Secretary?”

The conversation continued with Scarborough asking what is the country to do since Trump, Pompeo and so many other top officials lie all the time, “and they know that the American people know that they’re lying?” The panel also slammed Fox News for allowing Ingraham to edit Clinton’s remarks in order to make it seem like she was seriously calling for China to launch cyberattacks on America.

The panel reached a crescendo, however, when Scarborough called Pompeo’s remarks “Orwellian” and said “it is the work of dictators to lie openly to their people” until the lie becomes accepted as truth.

“You look at Pompeo. He knew he was lying. The person listening to him knew he was lying. The viewers knew he was lying, but he didn’t care, he was trying to turn that lie into a truth,” Scarborough said. “[Trump’s allies] just don’t care. I’m not saying ‘totalitarian,’ I’m saying this is how totalitarian leaders and their cronies work.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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