Scarborough Rips Rubio Tactic: ‘This is What a Student Government President Does’

It was one week ago when Joe Scarborough critiqued Marco Rubio‘s campaign ads by that he went “full-on nativist” by saying President Obama‘s policies make conservatives feel like outcasts in America:

On today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski brought up an email sent from the Rubio campaign that blasted Scarborough as part of the media “elitists” who were terrified that his message is attracting support among the GOP. To this, Scarborough mocked Rubio for being “thin-skinned,” and again criticized him for playing up what he said about “all of us who feel out of touch in our own country.”

“Here’s a guy that sits in luxury suites at Miami Dolphins football games… and he’s got the guts to go on and lift a line out of this nativist playbook,” Scarborough asked. The host continued to say that Rubio’s family embodies the American dream, yet he’s trying to attract Donald Trump‘s supporters away through sheer pandering.

“This is such a crass and ham-fisted play,” Scarborough said. “Again, this is what a student government president does when he wants to get elected with a nativist vote.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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