Scarborough Rolls His Eyes at Christie’s Attack on ‘Gleeful’ MSNBC

In a simulcast with the Today Show Monday morning, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough dismissed the Chris Christie administration claim that MSNBC had been “almost gleeful” in attacking the New Jersey governor since the Bridgegate scandal broke.

“They are obviously not talking about Morning Joe,” Scarborough said. “John Heilemann calls our show Good Morning Trenton because we love Chris Christie so much around here.”

“Listen, you can attack the network if you want to, and there a lot who go after him gleefully and that’s not shocking,” Scarborough continued. “But here is the bottom line. The lieutenant governor needs to come out today and say that what was said about her in the parking lot [that she tied Hoboken’s Sandy relief funds to a development project] is a lie. And if she can’t do that, they’ve got a real problem. And I suspect if the U.S. attorney is being talked to, she is going to have to say that under oath. This is Chris Christie’s biggest problem: if he’s not telling the truth, are there fifteen people that are going to perjure themselves for Chris Christie?”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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