Scarborough Scorches ‘Weak’ GOP Leaders Caving to Trump: Make Him Prove He’s Not a Bigot!


Joe Scarborough
went on an extensive tirade today about how Republican leaders need to grow a backbone and demand that Donald Trump prove in public that he’s not a racist.

The relationship between Morning Joe and the presumptive GOP nominee has taken on enormous friction recently, and it seems to have come to a boil due to Trump attacking the Trump University lawsuit judge on the basis of his “Mexican” parentage.

Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have both expressed disapproval for Trump’s racially-charged antics, but Scarborough bemoaned today that all they do is complain but never actually make Trump pay a price to keep their support.

“In the party of Reagan and Lincoln he doesn’t get my endorsement. He doesn’t get my vote. He doesn’t get my support,” Scarborough said hypothetically. “Who will say that in Washington, D.C.?”

The panel explored several GOP leaders who say they won’t stand by Trump’s rhetoric, but Scarborough came back to his point about how the party will disastrously compromise its principles if they don’t reject Trump’s racism immediately.

“This is called the Art of the Deal. I’m taking my deal off the table until you get on the other side of the table and prove you are not a bigot and not going to take my party down in the ditch. You don’t have my endorsement and you can’t use Hillary Clinton as a gun against my head. I’m taking the gun away from my head. I’m putting it on the table and now it is in your hands on whether you are going to prove to the Republican Party and me personally that you are not a bigot. So don’t use Hillary Clinton as a threat against me, don’t use Hillary Clinton as an excuse as your blank check to say racist things about people born in Indiana. You don’t get to play it that way.”

The panel went on to describe how the GOP’s “weak” leaders are now forced to risk the party’s future in order to support a racist against Hillary Clinton.

Oh, you wonder how Trump might’ve felt about all this? Well based on this oxymoronic tweet, he didn’t take it very well.

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