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Scarborough: ‘Shameful’ What Christie’s Office Is Doing to Bridget Kelly

Randy Mastro’s internal Bridgegate investigation, which culminated in a report last Thursday clearing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of prior knowledge of the George Washington Bridge lane closures, has already received plenty of criticism for “slut shaming” former Christie deputy Bridget Kelly. On Morning Joe Monday morning, host Joe Scarborough called the Christie administration’s treatment of Kelly “shameful.”

“At the center of that staff you’re talking about is a woman that, now Chris Christie’s people would have us believe, was an emotional wreck, a love-sick wreck,” Scarborough said. “I mean, I don’t think we can say it too much: it’s just shameful what they are doing to Bridget Kelly right now. It’s shameful. It’s one of the most gratuitous sideswipes of somebody I’ve ever seen. And if she was really that much of a wreck and tears in her face and love sick and all of the other things that they are claiming now that Bridget Kelly was, why was she running New Jersey?”

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Scarborough added that the Christie administration had given Bridget Kelly no reason not to turn on the administration to the U.S. attorneys investigating the case on a federal level.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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