Scarborough Shreds Liberals For Acting ‘Morally Superior’ By Trashing NRA But Not Hollywood

Yes, Morning Joe talked about guns again on Friday — but Joe Scarborough decided to approach it from a slightly different angle this time. Rather than chiding opponents of increased gun control, the MSNBC host turned to liberals and their reluctance to call out Hollywood and how it “glorifies” violence. They’ll attack the NRA to feel “morally superior,” he said, but that’s just part of the problem.

President Obama needs to “go after his own base,” Scarborough asserted, likening it to how he has done the same in advocating background checks. As soon as the news about Newtown broke, Scarborough said he immediately knew the shooter have “a certain condition” (really?) — and be an angry and frustrated person who plays violent video games.

The president, other politicians, and Hollywood need to step up, he argued (with Mika Brzezinski agreeing):

“Let’s have this as part of the conversation. I know it’s a lot of fun kicking around the NRA and kicking around Second Amendment supporters as a bunch of rednecks and people love doing that. It makes them feel morally superior. It does! It makes them feel morally superior. Why don’t they do that to Hollywood?”

Despite the studies, the violent video games argument continues to be a contentious one.

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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