Scarborough Slams Giuliani For Using IG Report to Undermine Mueller: ‘I Don’t Believe There’s Anyone That Stupid’


Morning Joe took aim at Rudy Giuliani on Friday for saying Robert Mueller‘s special counsel is nothing by a corrupt and phony investigation.

The former mayor-turned-Trump attorney is making the rounds with the media again, saying the Justice Department inspector general’s report shows that the FBI is corrupt and Mueller’s investigation has to be stopped. Joe Scarborough isn’t impressed with this, saying Giuliani is “shaming himself as usual” for claiming the FBI is completely anti-Trump.

“Rudy Giuliani is no fool, though he plays one on television,” Scarborough said. He continued to turn the mocking sarcasm up to 11 as he said “You’re all are acting like such snowflakes. It’s as if the prime minister of Canada said something mean to you, you’re acting like it’s the first time it’s ever happened.”

Scarborough continued to slam Giuliani for calling the Mueller probe a “witch hunt” when it has already brought against indictments against multiple Russian actors and members of Trump’s campaign.

“If you are stupid enough to believe that,” Scarborough said, “then I’m going to ask Mike Judge to get your phone number and cast you Idiocracy II, because I don’t believe there’s anyone that stupid.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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